Exploratory essay structure

Both the article by Robert Spencer and the cartoon by Cox and Forkum provide brilliant insight into a topic that, in today’s society, is highly talked about. What becomes clear, when looked at from a rational and logical perspective, is the fact that there is nothing controversial about racial profiling at all. The act is, in every sense, an intelligent measure to protect the citizens of a nation from threats that may evolve into national hazards. All in all, it is a great mistake by people to label the word “racist” on anyone who may have suspicions about anyone of a certain race. Such people do not realize that the fact of the matter is that, statistically, it is much more common for a certain type of persons to carry out global scale atrocities such as terrorism and mass murders. By ignoring the constant barrage of political correctness can we only use our innate logical reasoning and strengthen the overall security of our nation.

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Statistics - These can provide excellent support. Be sure your statistics come from responsible sources. Always cite your sources.

Explain the issue and the reason why it is important. Perform general points of view on the topic and your personal ideas about the ways to solve it.

Even outside of Hailsham the students still made attempts to gain acceptance in their surroundings. In the Cottages, Ruth strives to acclimate herself into the workings of her new home; on the subject, according to Kathy “Ruth was making a big effort to present not just herself, but all of us, in the right way to Chrissie and Rodney” (Ishiguro 113). She sought the acceptance of the superiors, Chrissie and Rodney, in this little Cottage hierarchy. In order to conform to the Cottage lifestyle, Ruth picked up the same habits as demonstrated to her. She followed in suit of the veterans by incorporating catch phrases from TV into her vernacular and “it wasn’t long before Ruth realized the way she’d been carrying on with Tommy was all wrong for the Cottages, and she set about changing how they did things in front of people” (Ishiguro 93), so she began to tap Tommy on the elbow to say goodbye to each other. The clones of Hailsham were accustomed to a level of intimacy with friends and partners and they only wanted that to continue into the future, because conformity equated to acceptance, and acceptance into love.

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exploratory essay structure

Exploratory essay structure

Explain the issue and the reason why it is important. Perform general points of view on the topic and your personal ideas about the ways to solve it.


exploratory essay structureexploratory essay structure